A Journey to Cuba II

I was traveling to Cuba having this strong intention in mind not to take pictures of road cruisers. This did last for like two hours. There are so many old vehicles determining the streetscapes and being quite impressive. The minority are originals, spare parts are not available because of the American Embargo so that people are dependent on their car repairing skills. Most of the vehicles are pimped by Russian spare parts no matter if we talk about rims, engines or interior designs. Lada car dashboards are not rare. Furthermore Russian vehicles or some old German cars from the eastern production are also easy to find in the appearance of the streets.

So what to do with the shots that I normally did not intent to take? Well, I will show you – Have fun and enjoy browsing.

kuba-rolandmichels-cars01 kuba-rolandmichels-cars02 kuba-rolandmichels-cars03 kuba-rolandmichels-cars04 kuba-rolandmichels-cars05 kuba-rolandmichels-cars06 kuba-rolandmichels-cars07 kuba-rolandmichels-cars08 kuba-rolandmichels-cars09 kuba-rolandmichels-cars10 kuba-rolandmichels-cars11 kuba-rolandmichels-cars12 kuba-rolandmichels-cars13 kuba-rolandmichels-cars14 kuba-rolandmichels-cars15 kuba-rolandmichels-cars16 kuba-rolandmichels-cars17 kuba-rolandmichels-cars18

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