Wedding at the Hamburg Harbour

Again at last I am coming around to show photos of a wedding. Of a particularly beautiful wedding, as I see it. L.* and T* married in the beautiful marriage-church in Eppendorf (yes, this one, where you as a wedding photographer are assigned a certain seat and are not allowed to move until the end of the marriage ceremony).

But from the beginning: T. accommodated himself and his best man in the Clipper, a very neat hotel, which had been completely unknown to me until this wedding. L. stayed at her home, where I met Eric Warnke, who cared for hair and makeup. Eric is very kind and does a great job, this is why I strongly recommend him :-)

In the church in Eppendorf the usual play: Photographing of the entering and the recessional and in between, sitting in the front left part without moving. This I knew from several previous weddings.

But meanwhile there is a new house rule: A second photographer, who is taking photos from upstairs, is not allowed anymore and I nearly had to beg on my knees to get the permission for my (best) intern (in the world) Luna to take one photo of the entering from above. Let’s see, if one is next year even allowed to take photos of weddings at all in this church. Afterwards I am glad about not paying for advertisement on the church’s bus, which is used to finance the same ;-)

After the ceremony followed a reception in the beautiful garden next to the church. After more and more guests slowly left to get ready for the evening, the bridal couple and me drove to the Speicherstadt to take the official wedding photos. The partying took place very Hamburgisch at the La Vela next to the Fischmarkt. Please enjoy the photos!

*As the question arises frequently: I shorten the names if requested, so that not everyone, who is searching for the bridal couple’s names is directly stumbling upon their wedding photos.

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