My Polaroid „Affair“

Many bridal couples and guests who saw me working as a wedding photographer this year have seen an antique looking camera which I used from time to time. A thing without display and battery, which was the current technique when my father learned how to walk. What I am using is an old polaroid camera, I am using two different models, depending on the light situation.

Every time I pulled a photo directly out of the back of the camera the eyes of the couples became big. The „normal“ polaroid, which comes out with a whirring sound out of the front, is known by most people. I am using the „Packfilm“-format, which goes more into the direction of real photos ;-)

This year was a test run, the really positive feedback led to the decision to offer the polaroid-action as a guestbook-option. It an idea for a present for the bridal couple as well as for the wedding guests.

The price will depend on the number of guests and from the chosen guest book. The photographed guest couple will always receive two photos, one to take home and one which they can, together with their wishes for the bridal couple, put in the guestbook.


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