Couple Shooting in the „Freihafen“ and the „Schanze“

Sarah and Kiran will have their wedding in the summer time in my hometown Trier. I am delighted to be asked to shoot this wedding. Last week we met to get to know each other for an engagement shooting in Hamburg. An engagement shooting is always a good opportunity if you would like to have some nice pictures of you without the wedding outfits e.g. for the invitations. It is also a good idea if you never did a professional photo shooting before, plus you are able to get to know me better and see how I work.

Love walk

The other day in Hamburg, I had visitors from Paris who I was meeting to talk about their wedding in Chianti. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Shortly Before the Wedding

In two weeks they say YES to each other, so before that we took our time to do a small round in the harbor. So what can I say…these two have passed this test, from now on they are „wedding-proved“ :-)


Here is another photo shooting in Hamburg. Once again Speicherstadt and Hafencity and once again I manage to find some new beautiful places, which I had not photographed before. We also found out what the Easter bunny is doing the rest of the year and that you could have a look into some apartments of the Marco-Polo-Towers, when riding the ferris wheel. And these are real people living there…

Artistic Engagement in Hamburg

It comes quite often, that I do photo-sessions for couples in the Hafencity Hamburg. I quess I know its every stone already. Therefore it is not always easy to make up something new and look at this location from another point of view. But this couple had already a lot of ideas to share with me, so artistic they were, balancing on the arch of the bridge. I must say it was a big attraction for the tourists, that had their harbor tour :-)

The engagement-shooting was already a lot of fun and I am therefore really looking forward to the wedding. Let us see, if it can surpass it…

London Couple Photo Shooting #2

Now the second part of the London couple shooting. This style is not for every couple and nothing for most weddings. It’s a little more „dirty“ than my normal style, but it worked perfect for London and with this couple. I hope you’ll enjoy it :-)