Wonderful Wedding in Marienfeld

There are moments, that are just perfect for the wedding photographer. However the photos are not made by themselves. As the bride’s father was leading her into the church, I was waiting for the moment, when she would stand exactly under the spotlight. I had this motive in my head already, so I had time to adjust my camera for the right exposition.

The preparation of Sylvia, which is a Wedding-planner herself, began in the Klosterpforte, Marienfeld. All the bridesmaids gathered there together with the bride and were styled up with the help of Nadine (Mrosek-Hairdesign). The wonderful wedding dress is actually from Rosa Clara.

As for the groom, his preparation (like always) was a bit faster. You don’t see a white suite (Carlo Pignatelli) on the german weddings very often, so I was very happy about that, as it fitted the groom perfectly.

The marriage ceremony was held in the old abbey church and was very touching and moving. The reception took place in the rooms of the church and was followed by the Saxvibes band, which ensured great mood of the guests from afternoon till the evening. Roth Veronika Blumen from Marienfeld and Blumenhaus Obermeier from Bielefeld made the wonderful flower decoration.

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