Wedding in Hedingham Castle

This year I had a chance to photograph an English couple again. These two I have even photographed twice. Once they have married „traditionally English“ in Hedingham Castle in Essex, the second marriage was Indian. My reportage of the sikh ceremony will follow in a separate blog post. Hedingham Castle is located in Essex, just 100km north-east of London in a picturesque English countryside. I was picked up from the hotel by Betty, my British colleague, with whom I will photograph all english weddings in the future. Luckily I did not have to drive on the „unusual“ left side ;-)

In the old norman castle, build in the year 1140, there was the largest preserved norman vault hall in Europe. The wedding ceremony was held in this beautiful hall with candlelight. Near the castle there was an old manor house that offered a beautiful view of the gardens and lake. During the reception I photographed the portraits there and then we went to the tent behind the house for dinner.

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