Sylt + Sun + Storm = Wedding 2/2012

The first wedding in 2012, that I am showing, is the second wedding I have photographed this year. The reason for this to be the second one is that the first couple preferred to keep all the photographs for themselves. I offer this option as well, as I respect the wishes of the couple. So here we go with a Sylt-Wedding, in the bright sunshine but bitter 3°C cold with a really hard breeze.

Meanwhile I am Sylt-proved and, as a wedding photographer, I do have clothes for every weather in the trunk. Despite the cold weather, all three of them enjoyed the shooting and I was happy about my seat heating on the way back. Sylt’s landscape is truly unique in every season and any weather, winter or summer.

wedding-sylt-001 wedding-sylt-002 wedding-sylt-003 wedding-sylt-004 wedding-sylt-005 wedding-sylt-006 wedding-sylt-007 wedding-sylt-008 wedding-sylt-010 wedding-sylt-011 wedding-sylt-012 wedding-sylt-014 wedding-sylt-015 wedding-sylt-016 wedding-sylt-018w

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