Sylt – Stormy Wedding in the Sturmhaube

In the morning, when I drove off in Hamburg, the weather was lightly rainy and foggy. When Ines put her dress on in the late morning, the first rays of sunshine came through and the wedding at the beach could begin.

The churchly wedding at the beach of Sylt in sunny weather and sommerly temperatures had some south sea atmosphere, especially because the water at Sylt is green/blue and the sand is quite white. For me as a wedding photographer these are of course dreamlike conditions.

As to the ceremony, I have to say that I have rarely witnessed such a eased and happy-emotional ceremony, the pastors was in a extremely good mood. Die three of them (yes, three, Muffin belongs to them, too) then later had the party with their friends and family at the Sturmhaube.

I liked so many of the photos that I put over 30 in this post. Correspondingly long will be the loading time, but I promise it will be worth the while :-) I would have loved to show even more photos, who wants, might have a look at the slide show of the wedding.

To the last photo: Muffin somehow got the thing with marrying and the kiss after exchanging of the rings a little bit wrong :-) (Please do not try this at home, the scene was played by professionally trained stunt dogs)

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