Successful Participation in the ISPWP Summer Contest

The admission criteria of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) are known to be extremely high, that is why I was very happy about my admission into the club of the top international wedding photographers in the early summer this year.

A few days ago, while I was in the Normandy (I will show the pictures soon in this blog), I received the notification that some of my photos performed quite well in the ISPWP Summer Contest and that I was one of the top ten winners. I am very happy about the and want to thank again the bridal couples, who made those photos possible.

Most photos, which I submitted were from one the last weddings on Sylt, correspondingly often those photos have won. You can see the photos on the ISPWP website, which is definitely worth a visit anyway, because the colleagues submitted superb photos to the competition!

These are my placings:

2. place, category „First dance„, many thanks to Yvonne and Robert

6. place, category „Bride and Groom Portrait„, many thanks to Ines, Sascha und Muffin for this great day

5. place, category „Venue/Location„, many thanks again to Ines, Sascha and Muffin

4. und 5. place in the category „Movement and Motion“ well, what should I say, thanks to Ines, Sascha and Muffin

4. place, category „Wedding Details“, many thank to Nina and John

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