Interview with Me in the Magazine Fotowirtschaft About Wedding Photography

The professional journal Fotowirtschaft had it’s focus this time on wedding photos / wedding photography. About ten pages were about wedding reportages, photographic albums, history of wedding photography and trends in wedding photography. For me this is a sign, that wedding photography by this time has gained a high significance in the big area of photography in Germany.

Of course I am happy that my photos are featured on five pages and that my person and my wedding reportages are featured on three pages. Furthermore in this article, the wedding photographer platform “Hochzeitsfotografen Deluxe” (meanwhile Bildpoeten) I founded with my colleague Ondro, is introduced.

By this time our platform for exclusive wedding reportages has become the reference for ambitious wedding photography in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Between the colleagues in the platform happens a strong technical exchange and many friendships emerged, which makes me especially happy and shows, that the culture of the creative wedding photography in Germany has developed very positively.

hochzeitsfoto1 hochzeitsfoto2

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