As a Wedding Photographer in Leez Priory

If you drive in the countryside from London direction North for about one hour, you reach Leez Priory. But it was not easy to find even with the navigation system. Many times we drove on the smallest farm lanes around the location without seeing it.

But when we got there, the incredible view revealed as we passed the time-honoured walls. Every castle is special for me, as a wedding photographer: they tell the stories of many epochs, generations and weddings.

After I enjoyed the masonry, I saw the bride coming on-towards me, so we could start with the preparation and photography. The marriage took place in the church of Kelvedon, where the groom was waiting already. The ceremony was very touching, some guests were singing together as a choir for the bridal couple.

The reception went on in Leez Priory with an accompaniment of a salsa band. We had great weather and guests could chill out in the garden and in the evening ‚SuperSukka‘ band fired the guests up. It was a beautiful and relaxed celebration, that will stay in our memories.

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