Wedding Photography in Duesseldorf – Fireworks of Colors

As wedding photographer I am quite used to see beautiful dresses all the time but this time the dresses were extremely colorful. The cause for this were the many different cultures of the guests. Besides the colors I was impressed by the bold party mood of the whole wedding party.

Firstly about the wedding ceremony: shortly before the start it began to rain, but that is very secondary on a day like that. In the church it was extremely dark and the pastor had no understanding for wedding photography or video. Therefore the videograph and me were banned to the side, but we still managed to take good photos.

In the evening everyone danced the night away, supported by a awesome singer. The bridal couple booked the photobooth option, the funny pictures that came out of there I will present the next time. Please enjoy the photos!

hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0082 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0083 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0084 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0085 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0086 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0087 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0088 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0089 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0090 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0092 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0093 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0094 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0095 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0096 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0097 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0098 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0099 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0100 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0101 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0102 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0103 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0104 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0105 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0106 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0107 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0108 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0109 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0110 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0111 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0112 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0113 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0114 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0115 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg_0116

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