This Time Sylt in Rainy Weather

One cannot always be favored by fortune: When I left Hamburg it was raining cats and dogs and upon my arrival on Sylt the weather was not much better. One could could come the conclusion that as a wedding photographer from Hamburg I am very well used to rain but in comparison the weather in Hamburg is quite good.

On Sylt it soon became better, at least the rain nearly ended, so that we could take the portrait photos outside. Both Sandra and Harri were very relaxed during their marriage ceremony. They simply rented a cottage for themselves and their guests. In this cottage everyone spent a lot of time together, insofar nobody was bothered by the weather.

The rainy Sylt revealed a lot of new opportunities for me as a photographer. In certain parts the landscape and the weather reminded of Scotland.

Preparation: Kampen, cottage
Marriage ceremony: Gret Palucca

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