Sun, Beach and Water

Before the new season ring in with new photos, I would like to show some photos from a wedding from last summer. I planned to show them all the time, but somehow something always interfered. Do you recall the news in radio and TV about the ladybugs plague at the Baltic Sea? We have witnessed a little bit (exactly 2 ladybugs :-)) of that and captured it on photo.

The two of them (no, not the ladybugs) were marrying in Luebeck and had the party in the Colombia-Hotel in Luebeck-Travemuende. In between we took the wedding portraits in best beach weather directly at the beach and at the pier. The two somehow even managed to not become wet. As a bonus, on the way back the beach chair lady urged them to sitz in the heart shaped beach chair ;-)

Usually as a wedding photographer I am not such a big fan of excessive kitsch but this time I have made an exception and pulled the trigger of my camera. Evenings Leonard from DJ-Service Hamburg cared for very good entertainment and music. I hope you enjoy the photos.

roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-011 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-021 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-031 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-041 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-051 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-061 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-071 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-081 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-091 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-101 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-111 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-131 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-141 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-151 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-161 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-171 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-181 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-191 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-201 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-211 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-221 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-231 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-241 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-251 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-261 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-271 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-281 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-291 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-301 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-311 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-321 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-331 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-351 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-361 roland-michels-hochzeit-travemuende-371

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