Photo Campaign for flexi

Probably some of you didn’t know, but I am not only a wedding photographer. I also do projects for Marketing and Business clients. In the past I also did a lot of food products, I was in france, Italy and Turkey for Dräger and I travelled to Ethopia for Volvic. For my business clients I do portraits, reportages, marketing shoots and image movies. In the last few years I did a few different jobs for flexi. This time we were on tour with Claudia, Peter and miscellaneous dogs.

buisnessfotografie-werbefotografie1 buisnessfotografie-werbefotografie2 buisnessfotografie-werbefotografie3 buisnessfotografie-werbefotografie4 buisnessfotografie-werbefotografie5 buisnessfotografie-werbefotografie6

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