Arrived in Tokio after a 12 hour flight, you are in a totally different world. People are reserved, but friendly, wearing fancy clothes. First you are flashed by the large size of the city and the amount of people. You do not understand anything and you are not able to read anything either, but thanks to Alper who has been here before, we never got lost. Unfortunately there was not enough time to explore the city because I had a videographer job for a client. However a few hours were left to discover the city and to get many impressions.

Photos have been taken with a the Sony A7RIII, Zeiss Batis 25mm & 86mm, Zeiss 55mm, Voigtländer 15mm and some Canon lenses. In the meanwhile I bought a second A7RIII and my Canon Equipment I exchanged by Sony/Zeiss.


roland_michels_tokyo-01 roland_michels_tokyo-02 roland_michels_tokyo-03 roland_michels_tokyo-04 roland_michels_tokyo-05 roland_michels_tokyo-06 roland_michels_tokyo-07 roland_michels_tokyo-08 roland_michels_tokyo-09 roland_michels_tokyo-10 roland_michels_tokyo-11 roland_michels_tokyo-12 roland_michels_tokyo-13 roland_michels_tokyo-14 roland_michels_tokyo-15 roland_michels_tokyo-16 roland_michels_tokyo-17 roland_michels_tokyo-18 roland_michels_tokyo-19 roland_michels_tokyo-20 roland_michels_tokyo-21 roland_michels_tokyo-22 roland_michels_tokyo-23 roland_michels_tokyo-24 roland_michels_tokyo-25 roland_michels_tokyo-26 roland_michels_tokyo-27 roland_michels_tokyo-28 roland_michels_tokyo-29 roland_michels_tokyo-30 roland_michels_tokyo-31 roland_michels_tokyo-32 roland_michels_tokyo-33 roland_michels_tokyo-34

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