At your wedding I will be a silent observer trying to be as invisible as possible observing people, looks, gestures, love, happiness and emotions. I am seeking for the picture of the moment or the beat of a song that makes me taking memorable shots to capture a special story forever. Your story, your guest’s story, your wedding’s story, the story of your love.
Please let introduce myself to you! I  am based in Hamburg, Germany, married and a wedding photographer since 2004. Most of the time I am shooting at weddings in the northern part of Germany such as Hamburg or Sylt. But work sometimes takes me abroad to countries like Italy, France, Maurice, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark or England.

In my leisure time you will find me playing my old guitar, as music and old guitars are my passion besides photography. I also love to travel and explore exotic regions, as I really like the nature, the rain forest or especially South America.

Besides weddings I also do corporate videos.

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