Everytime a pleasure – As a wedding photographer on the island of Sylt

If sun is shining in your face in the morning, the sky is mirroring in the sea and you are pretty sure that it is going to be a great day, you can tell that I am back on the island of Sylt.

Well, the probability that it can be the other way round is pretty high when traveling to Sylt at the end of March. But this day was supposed to be our day – for the wedding couple and for the wedding photographer. For wedding portraits I had these very nice locations in my mind that I have not been to yet neither. For example one of them was next to the old pines even though we had to climb a hillside – but it was worth it. I also had my new 20/1.4 by Sigma with me (Brides, no worries, just keep reading I am switching to Jimmy Choo Shoes soon). My new favorite wedding lens. Very sharp and very good to use even though when the weather is bad.

But as I have promised, let’s switch to Jimmy Choo. Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle ….The shoes were very eye-catching as well as the beautiful gown. In addition to that I was very happy about my nice wedding favor and all the prepared vegan snacks that I really appreciated. 14 hours later full of great impressions I fell totally exhausted on my bed for a short night to head out to the Syltshuttle, lining up with tons of other people that were about to depart in the morning.

Preparation: Arosa List

Makeup: Lisa Schulze-Gabrechten

Civil Registry Ceremony: Altfriesisches Haus, Keitum

Ceremony: Kirche Wenningstedt

Live Music: Oliver Strempler

Oldtimerbus: SVG Busreisen

Party: Gogärtchen

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