First Wedding 2013 on Sylt

How these two organized their wedding is just great. The civil wedding with just the family on Sylt and then the big event at home in the summer time. As a wedding photographer I accompanied various weddings on Sylt and in Hamburg. Sylt is always a pleasure, especially because of the weather. This march we had every kind of weather, but on Sylt we enjoyed nice sunshine. We used this opportunity for an outdoor shooting and started in Kampen and then we moved into the north, to the Sylter elbow.

hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-011 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-021 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-031 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-041 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-051 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-061 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-071 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-081 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-091 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-101 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-111 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-121 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-131 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-141 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-151 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-161 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-171 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-181 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-191 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-201 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-211 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-221 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-231 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-241 hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-251

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