A close wedding on the island of Sylt

This is a short throwback to summer. Salty and warm air and my favorite island Sylt. A couple, the lighthouse keeper, his wife, the registrar, the wedding photographer. So less but still so much. A lot of sentiments, intensity, no distraction. Reduced to the most that matters: Love, Togetherness.
Have fun seeking in.

sylt_1 sylt_2 sylt_3 sylt_4 sylt_5 sylt_6 sylt_7 sylt_9 sylt_11 sylt_12 sylt_13 sylt_14 sylt_15 sylt_16 sylt_18 sylt_19 sylt_20 sylt_21 sylt_22 sylt_23 sylt_24 sylt_25 sylt_26 sylt_27 sylt_29 sylt_31 sylt_32 sylt_33 sylt_35 sylt_36 sylt_38 sylt_39 sylt_41 sylt_42 sylt_43 sylt_44

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