A wedding in the Elblounge

Natalia Cury and me accompanied a beautiful wedding in the Elblounge in Hamburg. This time, Natalie assisted as a second shooter and lots of these photos were taken by her. It really was a like a small meeting between all the wedding obsessed people who I admire. Probably that is the reason why the wedding was so special to me. The wedding plan came from the talented wedding planer Anna Brinkmann, the make up was created by Katharina Jasinski and the beautiful wedding gown was found at Elbbraut. Coinna Lovens from Wertvolle Worte guided the guest with lots of emotions through the lovely ceremony. And the flowers, a ocean of peonies were arranged by Blumen Graaf. In the afternoon DJ Alexander Kruck was in charge of getting the crowd into the right dancing mood.
But enough words, here you can see the pictures!

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