Sylt + Sun + Storm = Wedding 2/2012

The first wedding in 2012, that I am showing, is the second wedding I have photographed this year. The reason for this to be the second one is that the first couple preferred to keep all the photographs for themselves. I offer this option as well, as I respect the wishes of the couple. So here we go with a Sylt-Wedding, in the bright sunshine but bitter 3°C cold with a really hard breeze.

Meanwhile I am Sylt-proved and, as a wedding photographer, I do have clothes for every weather in the trunk. Despite the cold weather, all three of them enjoyed the shooting and I was happy about my seat heating on the way back. Sylt’s landscape is truly unique in every season and any weather, winter or summer.

Sylt, my love…

Nowadays I almost live on Sylt. I have already photographed many weddings there, and I am booked quite a lot this year as well. I can almost say, I know the Shuttle-guys with their names. I always enjoy fresh air and amazing light on the island. Sylt is a great place to get married, I have never experienced bad mood there, maybe because Sylt has such relaxing atmosphere.

I know étoile very well already, so many weddings that I have photographed start here. I can always recommend this place with a prefect team of hairdressers and make-up artists.
So this wedding had started in étoile as well, and then we moved to Watthof, where the groom was getting ready.

The ceremony had taken its place in the church of Keitum, and after that we made a Photo-shooting around the island. A great conclusion for everyone was excellent cuisine of Söl´ringhof. My special thanks to Nina K., who took the pictures from the church gallery.

Lighthouse Wedding on Sylt

This was my first wedding as photographer in the lighthouse in Hoernum. Entire nine people fit in the tower and one is quite out of breath once the top is reached. But before the marriage ceremony there was of course the preparation of the bride. Nancy got a gorgeous bridal hair style at the Etoilé, the dress she put on at the cottage, from where everyone left together.

After climbing all the stairs of the lighthouse and taking a good breath, one can enjoy the incredibly beautiful view. To marry at this place is truly something very special. It helps to get over the fact that the maximum capacity to witness the ceremony is nine people.

After the mandatory sheet cutting, balloon flying and tree stem cutting, everyone enjoyed an outstanding lunch in the wonderful beach atmosphere of the Seepferdchen.

The beauty of Sylt for me as a wedding photographer is the possibility to take beautiful portrait pictures everywhere, be it in the dune landscape or at the beach.