Wedding in Hedingham Castle

This year I had a chance to photograph an English couple again. These two I have even photographed twice. Once they have married “traditionally English” in Hedingham Castle in Essex, the second marriage was Indian. My reportage of the sikh ceremony will follow in a separate blog post. Hedingham Castle is located in Essex, just 100km north-east of London in a picturesque English countryside. I was picked up from the hotel by Betty, my British colleague, with whom I will photograph all english weddings in the future. Luckily I did not have to drive on the “unusual” left side ;-)

In the old norman castle, build in the year 1140, there was the largest preserved norman vault hall in Europe. The wedding ceremony was held in this beautiful hall with candlelight. Near the castle there was an old manor house that offered a beautiful view of the gardens and lake. During the reception I photographed the portraits there and then we went to the tent behind the house for dinner.

Wedding at the Hamburg Harbour

Again at last I am coming around to show photos of a wedding. Of a particularly beautiful wedding, as I see it. L.* and T* married in the beautiful marriage-church in Eppendorf (yes, this one, where you as a wedding photographer are assigned a certain seat and are not allowed to move until the end of the marriage ceremony).

But from the beginning: T. accommodated himself and his best man in the Clipper, a very neat hotel, which had been completely unknown to me until this wedding. L. stayed at her home, where I met Eric Warnke, who cared for hair and makeup. Eric is very kind and does a great job, this is why I strongly recommend him :-)

In the church in Eppendorf the usual play: Photographing of the entering and the recessional and in between, sitting in the front left part without moving. This I knew from several previous weddings.

But meanwhile there is a new house rule: A second photographer, who is taking photos from upstairs, is not allowed anymore and I nearly had to beg on my knees to get the permission for my (best) intern (in the world) Luna to take one photo of the entering from above. Let’s see, if one is next year even allowed to take photos of weddings at all in this church. Afterwards I am glad about not paying for advertisement on the church’s bus, which is used to finance the same ;-)

After the ceremony followed a reception in the beautiful garden next to the church. After more and more guests slowly left to get ready for the evening, the bridal couple and me drove to the Speicherstadt to take the official wedding photos. The partying took place very Hamburgisch at the La Vela next to the Fischmarkt. Please enjoy the photos!

*As the question arises frequently: I shorten the names if requested, so that not everyone, who is searching for the bridal couple’s names is directly stumbling upon their wedding photos.

The Moment of Happpiness

There are moments, in which one finds unalloyed happiness. This weekend, I was able to witness again one of those rare moments: I ended up in England, at Hedingham Castle in Essex, to be exact. There, Lauren and Mark celebrated their sublime wedding, very English and very noble.

But that is only half the story, the two of them will celebrate once more, this time the Indian way, in two weeks in Coventry. I am very curious to see the outfits! Here for now a little “treat”, which rejoices one’s heart :-) The rest will conclude soon.

Wonderful Wedding in Marienfeld

There are moments, that are just perfect for the wedding photographer. However the photos are not made by themselves. As the bride’s father was leading her into the church, I was waiting for the moment, when she would stand exactly under the spotlight. I had this motive in my head already, so I had time to adjust my camera for the right exposition.

The preparation of Sylvia, which is a Wedding-planner herself, began in the Klosterpforte, Marienfeld. All the bridesmaids gathered there together with the bride and were styled up with the help of Nadine (Mrosek-Hairdesign). The wonderful wedding dress is actually from Rosa Clara.

As for the groom, his preparation (like always) was a bit faster. You don’t see a white suite (Carlo Pignatelli) on the german weddings very often, so I was very happy about that, as it fitted the groom perfectly.

The marriage ceremony was held in the old abbey church and was very touching and moving. The reception took place in the rooms of the church and was followed by the Saxvibes band, which ensured great mood of the guests from afternoon till the evening. Roth Veronika Blumen from Marienfeld and Blumenhaus Obermeier from Bielefeld made the wonderful flower decoration.

Review of 2011’s Photography

The “Best of 20**” postings are always piling up in the blogs of the colleagues at the end of the year. What what is actually “Best of”? Is the rest then just “fine”? It reminds me all these casting-shows, where they compare artists with each other till there is only one left. But is it actually possible to press art, photography and music in such a evaluative, upon its technical and creative level, concept?

I say no. As we know, we can always fight about taste. I find it very difficult to classify and to evaluate some photographs better then the others. Especially wedding photographs have their very personal value, even within one family there are different favorites. Granny surely prefers another picture, then the wedding couple.

That is why I name the year-overview not the “Best of”, but an expedition through the year. Wedding photography divided in engagement- and couple-shootings, details and decoration and the flow of the day.

I had a chance to accompany lots of wonderful couples, was on Sylt many times, as well as in Essex, London, Faarborg (Denmark), Berlin, Kassel, Nordheim, Hamburg, Lüneburg and Glücksburg.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Imagefilm for

I have done something completely different this time. No wedding photography. I made a film. The topic film has always interested me. As a photographer one already has the necessary high-end camera equipment. The current digital SLR systems are filming with 1080p. In combination with high-quality lenses one achieves results, which used to be reserved for considerably more expensive systems just five years ago.

I created a an imagefilm for polychroma, a letterpress company located here in Hamburg. Letterpress is the purest form of printing. This method is used for many premium products, like wedding invitations or business cards. Gerrit Baumann dedicates himself to this printing method with a lot of love and knowledge.

In the future I will broaden my range of services with imagefilms next to wedding photography and advertisement/business photography. I hope you enjoy my first work :-)