Scotland in the summer

Some photos from our scotland road-wanderlust-movie.

Eine intime Sylthochzeit

Dieses Jahr verschlug es mich schon wieder mehrmals nach Sylt. Sylt ist und bleibt für mich die schönste Hochzeitsinsel in Deutschland. Die beiden heirateten standesamtlich im Kamphuis in Kampen, von dem Sie dann zu Fuss zum Gogärtchen zum Champagnerempfang laufen konnten. Für das (wie immer) bezaubernde Makeup sorgte Lisa Schulze-Gabrechten. Später trafen sich alle zum Kaffe […]

Everytime a pleasure – As a wedding photographer on the island of Sylt

If sun is shining in your face in the morning, the sky is mirroring in the sea and you are pretty sure that it is going to be a great day, you can tell that I am back on the island of Sylt. Well, the probability that it can be the other way round is […]

Un gelato al limon – A short trip to Rome

Thinking of Italy, the first thing that pops up in my mind is the song “Un gelato al limon“ by Paolo Contes representing the Italian lifestyle flair in the best way. I visited Rome for attending a wedding photographer event. WAY UP NORTH provides two days of interesting speeches attracting photographers from all over the […]

A Journey to Cuba II

I was traveling to Cuba having this strong intention in mind not to take pictures of road cruisers. This did last for like two hours. There are so many old vehicles determining the streetscapes and being quite impressive. The minority are originals, spare parts are not available because of the American Embargo so that people […]

A journey to Cuba

In the mid of January I had the pleasure to go to the remarkable but outstanding Republic of Cuba for two and a half weeks. Just talking about my arrival I could have written an own blog post about plastic bag tourists, slapstick at the baggage claim or the art of renting a car. Cuba […]