Bildpoeten Meet and Greet Mallorca 2015

Right now posting you from Mallorca sitting in the morning sun of Can Torna and thinking of the last couple days. Three days of intense and creative exchange with other highly appreciated wedding photographers. This meeting takes place every year in November and is always getting better. Long late night talks, getting to know different perspectives and approaches, revising your own work and taking hints and feedback into consideration helps to identify your position and to improve yourself.
After having filmed most of the time in the last year, I started taking shots with the camera again.
Big thank you to my colleagues Luis, Daniela, Björn & Jessy, Till, Yannic & Susann, Kathrin & Simon, Hanna, Guido, Anne & Björn, Yvonne, Roland, Sergey, Manuel and of course Moni.

bildpoeten_1 bildpoeten_3 bildpoeten_4 bildpoeten_5 bildpoeten_6 bildpoeten_7 bildpoeten_8 bildpoeten_9 bildpoeten_10 bildpoeten_11 bildpoeten_12 bildpoeten_13 bildpoeten_14 bildpoeten_15 bildpoeten_16 bildpoeten_17 bildpoeten_18 bildpoeten_19 bildpoeten_20 bildpoeten_21 bildpoeten_22 bildpoeten_23 bildpoeten_25 bildpoeten_26 bildpoeten_27 bildpoeten_28 bildpoeten_29 bildpoeten_30 bildpoeten_31 bildpoeten_32 bildpoeten_33

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