As Wedding Photographer at Gut Bliestorf

Herrenhaus Gut Bliestorf next to Lübeck in Schleswig-Holstein is a real masterpiece. Located calmly in the verdancy and having a very engaged host. The fact that you book beautiful rooms was the perfect condition for the wedding couple to start their day relaxed. I was really looking forward to a vibrant wedding party with a lot of children and good vibes.

The wedding was organized by Anna Brinkmann sitting in the same office as I do.

When it comes to Anna’s work you can tell that the wedding will have a beautiful and perfectly fitting decoration with lovely details and a smoothly schedule.

So just to let you know in case you are about to get married and about to start the planning process go ahead and ask Anna so that you do not have to worry about anything and enjoy your special day.

The sweet component of the wedding was a vegan and very tasty wedding cake by Angelique (Tortenschön) creating another highlight of the wedding. But please let me also make notice of the other well cooperating vendors doing a great job an making the day as special as possible.

Flowers & wedding bouquet : Blumen Graaf

Catering : Tafelspitz Catering

Hair & Make-Up : Karina Asmus

Oldtimer : Dieter Euler

Macaronpyramide : Jö Makrönchen

DJ : Frank Eichstädt

Singer : Denise Modjallal

Balloons : Redballoon

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