Shortly Before the Wedding

In two weeks they say YES to each other, so before that we took our time to do a small round in the harbor. So what can I say…these two have passed this test, from now on they are “wedding-proved” :-)

hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-01 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-02 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-03 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-04 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-05 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-06 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-07 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-08 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-09 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-10 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-11 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-12 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-13 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-14 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-15 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-16 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-17 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-18 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-19 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-20 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-21 hochzeitsfotograf-hamburg-sh-22

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