A Wedding at the castle Tremsbüttel


Castel Tremsbüttel – The Beatles were accommodated there in 1966 and fans spent the whole night in front of the castle to catch a glimpse of their idols. The next day they actually had showed up on the balcony of the castle. When shooting the bridal moments of getting ready in the huge suite, 50 years later, I caught myself thinking of them and having questions in my mind like: Did John Lennon sleep in this bed?…. Did George Harrison play his guitar on that couch? Pretty spooky..

But let us not get distracted by the Beatles and get back to the gorgeous wedding.

The ceremony was outside under trees and the bride played and sang a song. So romantic! The vibe on that day was cheerful throughout the whole day, a really great celebration. If this was influenced by John, Paul, George and Ringo? In my opinion, especially in 1966 they released the best album “Revolver”.  So who knows?!

Supported was the wedding also by the team of Agentur Traumhochzeit with great engagement. The great hair and make up was done by Isabella von Rothkirch and Debby Smith made the background music sound very special during ceremony and cocktail hour.



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