Engagement Photos in the Snow Flurry

As a wedding photographer I am offering as well photo shootings in order to get to know each other. For this kind of shooting before the wedding there are many names: In the U.S. one calls it engagement shooting and some call it shootings for people in love. The purpose of this photo session is to get simply beautiful pictures which can be used for invitation cards or guestbooks. Some give them away as a present and rejoice others by doing so.

These shootings offer the further advantage of the bridal couple and the weddings photographer getting to know each other, although it does not necessarily require a wedding photographer to take nice pictures for couples.

How does such a shooting take place? Very simple, one arranges to meet and then drives to where it is nice. In this case the winterly harbor was a perfect photo location and we had a lot of fun.

Wedding Photography in Duesseldorf – Fireworks of Colors

As wedding photographer I am quite used to see beautiful dresses all the time but this time the dresses were extremely colorful. The cause for this were the many different cultures of the guests. Besides the colors I was impressed by the bold party mood of the whole wedding party.

Firstly about the wedding ceremony: shortly before the start it began to rain, but that is very secondary on a day like that. In the church it was extremely dark and the pastor had no understanding for wedding photography or video. Therefore the videograph and me were banned to the side, but we still managed to take good photos.

In the evening everyone danced the night away, supported by a awesome singer. The bridal couple booked the photobooth option, the funny pictures that came out of there I will present the next time. Please enjoy the photos!

Successful Participation as a Wedding Photographer in an International Contest

Today it is happening again, the International Society of Wedding Photographers has announced the winners of their fall contest. In the ISPWP a lot of the world’s best wedding photographers are represented. The competition was strong, I really like all the winning photos.

Once again a few of my photos made it into the selection as well, they were even enough to be placed second in the category “pure art”. I am very fortunate and want to thank all my bridal couples, who enabled those photos in the first place. I am very glad about this ending of the season.

Wedding Photography at the Arboretum

Personally I not a big fan of classical wedding portrait photos in a green surrounding, it is not really my kind of wedding photography. This is why I was sceptical at first when I heard that the location “Arboretum” was chosen in addition to the Hamburg harbour. But the Arboretum then turned out as an extraordinary portrait location and the whole day was a lot of fun with Nicole and Carsten.

Wedding at Lake Geneva

Fantastic weather, fantastic location and an photogenic bridal pair. It could have not been more convenient – my “work” as a wedding photographer is more than fun like this. It was not the first time I was taking photos at a wedding at Lake Geneva, in 2007 I have been there too, right next door in Montreux.

The wedding took place in a beautiful little chapel, the free wedding ceremony was very intimate and emotional. For the reception one was invited very rustic to a vineyard with a incredible view at the sea. But see for yourself…

Wedding in the Normandy

As promised, I am now presenting the reportage of the wonderful wedding in France. The preparation took place in Cherbourg and Goubervile. The cilvi wedding was held in Gouberville, in the little Mairie. Afterwards one went to the gorgeous, right next to the sea located church in Barfleur.

Just like South England the whole region reminds one of a Rosamunde Pilcher film (not that I would watch something like that ;-)) The partying then happened in the rebuilt cowshed of the partial refurbished chateau of Crossville.