Lighthouse Wedding on Sylt

This was my first wedding as photographer in the lighthouse in Hoernum. Entire nine people fit in the tower and one is quite out of breath once the top is reached. But before the marriage ceremony there was of course the preparation of the bride. Nancy got a gorgeous bridal hair style at the Etoilé, the dress she put on at the cottage, from where everyone left together.

After climbing all the stairs of the lighthouse and taking a good breath, one can enjoy the incredibly beautiful view. To marry at this place is truly something very special. It helps to get over the fact that the maximum capacity to witness the ceremony is nine people.

After the mandatory sheet cutting, balloon flying and tree stem cutting, everyone enjoyed an outstanding lunch in the wonderful beach atmosphere of the Seepferdchen.

The beauty of Sylt for me as a wedding photographer is the possibility to take beautiful portrait pictures everywhere, be it in the dune landscape or at the beach.

As a Wedding Photographer at Gut Borghorst

Time for a post after a long time of silence from me, due to of a lot of work. The wedding of Sandra and Torben took place at Whitsun in fine weather at Borghorst manor. Here in North Germany we do not have so many castles and chateaus but in return more manors.

ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Spring 2010

The International Society Of Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) is known for it’s high standards. The IPSWP can count most of the world’s best wedding photographers as it’s members (yes, me too ;-)) and photography contests are held on a regular basis.

I was the first German photographer to be admitted into the ISPWP and since then I participated successfully with rankings in every photography contest. Once more I participated and was able to convince the jury, surprisingly I managed to have three photos from the same marriage ceremony graded by the judges. I was even placed second in the category “bride and groom portrait”, something I am very pleased about.

This Time Sylt in Rainy Weather

One cannot always be favored by fortune: When I left Hamburg it was raining cats and dogs and upon my arrival on Sylt the weather was not much better. One could could come the conclusion that as a wedding photographer from Hamburg I am very well used to rain but in comparison the weather in Hamburg is quite good.

On Sylt it soon became better, at least the rain nearly ended, so that we could take the portrait photos outside. Both Sandra and Harri were very relaxed during their marriage ceremony. They simply rented a cottage for themselves and their guests. In this cottage everyone spent a lot of time together, insofar nobody was bothered by the weather.

The rainy Sylt revealed a lot of new opportunities for me as a photographer. In certain parts the landscape and the weather reminded of Scotland.

Preparation: Kampen, cottage
Marriage ceremony: Gret Palucca

Sylt in the Most Beautiful Weather

End of April I had the pleasure of accompanying a bridal couple on Sylt for two days. On the first day there was the civil wedding ceremony at the museum of local history in Keitum. Previously we used the fine weather for taking some portrait photos.

After the wonderful wedding ceremony Silke von Bremen led us through a tour of the town and and had a story about many of the houses. The day ended in the “Fisch-Fiete” with excellent food. Day two startet with the preparations in Keitum and in Budersand. After an extensive photo session at the beach the party began in the evening at the Stroenholt.

Two long days – the corresponding amount of photos I am presenting now. Have fun watching!

Sun, Beach and Water

Before the new season ring in with new photos, I would like to show some photos from a wedding from last summer. I planned to show them all the time, but somehow something always interfered. Do you recall the news in radio and TV about the ladybugs plague at the Baltic Sea? We have witnessed a little bit (exactly 2 ladybugs :-)) of that and captured it on photo.

The two of them (no, not the ladybugs) were marrying in Luebeck and had the party in the Colombia-Hotel in Luebeck-Travemuende. In between we took the wedding portraits in best beach weather directly at the beach and at the pier. The two somehow even managed to not become wet. As a bonus, on the way back the beach chair lady urged them to sitz in the heart shaped beach chair ;-)

Usually as a wedding photographer I am not such a big fan of excessive kitsch but this time I have made an exception and pulled the trigger of my camera. Evenings Leonard from DJ-Service Hamburg cared for very good entertainment and music. I hope you enjoy the photos.