As a Wedding Photographer in Hamburg

A wedding in the traditional big town hall in Hamburg. Two days, on first day after the wedding brunch at the Süllberg. Next day portraits and party in the Speicherstadt. Enjoy the photos!

Artistic Engagement in Hamburg

It comes quite often, that I do photo-sessions for couples in the Hafencity Hamburg. I quess I know its every stone already. Therefore it is not always easy to make up something new and look at this location from another point of view. But this couple had already a lot of ideas to share with me, so artistic they were, balancing on the arch of the bridge. I must say it was a big attraction for the tourists, that had their harbor tour :-)

The engagement-shooting was already a lot of fun and I am therefore really looking forward to the wedding. Let us see, if it can surpass it…

International Wedding in Hamburg

At the moment the couple lives in Australia. The bride is from Hamburg and they decided that Hamburg is the best place to marry. The getting ready and the reception took place in an awesome location: The Louis C. Jakob. The wedding ceremony was in the “small Michel“, which is actually not that small. After the ceremony we had a nice photo session in the Jenisch-Park. Please enjoy the photos!

International Wedding at the Suellberg

I always enjoy taking photos on the Suellberg. One knows each other, the location is great and most of the times Michael Graaf is responsible for the decoration with flowers. For me this means, I will have beautiful pictures :) OK, it takes a little bit more: besides my personal effort, a photogenic bridal couple of course.

This, one can truly claim regarding this couple. One coming from Hamburg, the other one from France, are both working at the beautiful Lake Geneva. Alright, enough rambling, please enjoy the following photos :-)

A Short Film on my Work as a Wedding Photographer

Konrad Licht filmed me during a wedding. If you want to get a brief insight into my work as a wedding photographer and my thoughts on it, please enjoy the following film.

As a Wedding Photographer at Gut Bardenhagen

With this couple I already did a wonderful photo session in the wintery Hamburg. No the time has come: the two married on Gut Bardenhagen. Prepared perfectly by the team of Gut Bardenhagen, the marriage ceremony took place in the garden.

Two friends of the bridal couple led through the ceremony, therefore the ceremony went corresponding emotionally. Personally I do like corny wedding photos in the green field, but too much is too much. With the help of two Mexican wrestling masks we eased the photo shooting a little bit and brought into focus the artistic aspect again :-)

Evenings DJ Frank cared for the proper tune and the dreamlike day faded away in hilarious festivity. I hope you enjoy the photos.