Wedding in Castle Hotel Muenchhausen

Where the hell is Aerzen? I don’t know where this place is, at all! OK, let’s google it. It is located just south of Hannover, down the highway 2. A beautiful day and a beautiful location. The birds are singing, it is summer time and after a short ride through the hilly landscape I can […]

Nice Wedding Couples

Today I would like to show you a few of the thank you letters I received from happy couples. My clients are the absolutely best.

Dream Wedding in December

This time I would like to show you a few more pictures of this beautiful wedding celebrated over two days in december. Winter weddings normally fit more to a alpine landscape, but apparantly Hamburg is also a nice location. The Maison Mariée organized and planned this wonderful wedding and I am happy that I could […]

Novemberwedding in Hamburg

Really, how can one have a wedding in the rainy month of November? The sun goes down early and if one has bad luck the weather is cold and rainy. No blue sky, no sunshine. This description fits on this wedding and again does not at the same time. Stephie und Tymek decided themselves to […]

Wedding Photography in Tuscany

This year I had the pleasure to photograph a beautiful wedding in Tuscany. The whole story from the beginning was very international: Emma, who is English, and Garrett, American, live together in Paris. They celebrated their wedding in Tuscany, in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Castello di Vincigliata. High above […]

Traditional Sikh Wedding in Coventry

In June, I ended up working several times abroad, including two times in England. The bridal couple married straight away two times, first time in a “classical” English ceremony and a second time the Indian way in a traditional Sikh ceremony. This was the first time I encountered an Indian wedding and I really enjoyed […]